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Daisy Adds Second Connecticut Acquisition to Its Roster

Integrated Lifestyle, Inc. has been acquired by Daisy company DAVCO Custom Integration.

Daisy has announced further expansion in Fairfield County, Conn., with the recent acquisition of Integrated Lifestyle, Inc. by Daisy company DAVCO Custom Integration. The consolidation of these two respected integration firms under the Daisy umbrella not only strengthens Daisy’s presence in the region, but also positions DAVCO Custom Integration for significant revenue growth.

Daisy - DAVCO

Since joining Daisy in February and adding this most recent acquisition, DAVCO, a leading integrator in business since 1986, is now projected to expand market reach and increase revenues by 40% this year. In addition to providing valuable assistance to DAVCO to enable the acquisition, Daisy has also spearheaded additional operational support, new technician recruiting, and the implementation of training and certification programs to drive their continued growth and success.

Greg DellaCorte of DAVCO Custom Integration acknowledges Daisy’s pivotal role in their journey. “Daisy’s involvement has been transformative to our business at this stage of our ongoing development,” he says. “From supporting our daily operations to empowering us to pursue strategic acquisitions like Integrated Lifestyle, Daisy has made a significant difference in the top-line revenue and efficiency of our company and positions us for even greater success going forward.”

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Adds Daisy co-founder and CEO Hagan Kappler, “This acquisition demonstrates the value Daisy creates for integrators joining the Daisy team.  We are helping DAVCO achieve greater than 40% annual growth in its first year as a Daisy company, creating exciting new growth opportunities for its team and technicians, while also providing full support of all acquisition and integration needs.  We are excited to deliver on our promises to integrators to help them dramatically increase the value of their businesses while also improving their quality of life.  At our industry-leading 30% profit margins, this growth increases DAVCO’s value by over $2M.”

To learn more about becoming part of Daisy’s family of integrators, new business owners can visit and existing integrators can head to