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DBL Distributing Enters National Deal with Wi-Ex

The partnership adds new wireless extender products to the distributors cache.

Scottsdale, AZ–DBL Distributing Inc has brokered a new distribution partnership with Wi-Ex Inc., a leader in developing products that enhance cell phone signal coverage. Wi-Ex and its line of zBoost cell phone signal extenders improve signal strength for better voice and data transmission while maintaining the integrity of the carriers’ networks.

Initially, DBL will offer Wi-Ex’s brand of zBoost signal extenders including the zBoost Dual Band product, a mobile/car-based cell phone extender and a “professional installer” series signal booster. Wi-Ex was recently honored at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as an Innovations 2007 Design and Engineering Awards honoree for the zBoost Dual Band (SKU = YX510-PCS/CEL) selected as an honoree in the Mobile/Home Office category.

Wi-Ex products carried by DBL include:

YX510-PCS/CEL – Handles all PCS or CEL protocols and includes multiple patent-pending technologies to provide low-cost coverage while continually adapting to signals to prevent interference to the wireless network.

YX610-PCS/CEL (Professional Installer Series) – Like the YX510-PCS/CEL, handles all PCS or CEL protocols, however, improves coverage up to 10,000 square feet. Includes amplifier base unit, power supply, high-gain signal and base unit antennas, and mounting hardware.

YX200-PCS/CEL (Mobile/Car Installer Series) – Designed for consumers, the Wi-Ex cell phone signal booster extends a Wi-Ex cell zone for single or multiple users in a car. Includes a small bi-directional amplifier, 12V cigarette lighter adapter, external magnetic mount antenna (15 feet) and an internal patch (Rerad) antenna with 15-foot cable.

YX500-CEL – A cell phone signal booster for 800 MHz network carriers (i.e. Cingular, AT&T, and Verizon).

YX500-PCS – A cell phone signal booster for 1900 MHz network carriers (i.e. Sprint and T-Mobile).

“Our commitment to meet the retail demand for quality wireless and custom installation products and accessories is what brought DBL and Wi-Ex together” said Henry Chiarelli, chief merchandising officer for DBL Distributing. “The addition of these fine Wi-EX zBoost products is proof positive of our commitment to source, merchandise, and market the best consumer electronic products and accessories in the marketplace. We have already seen positive response from our base of dealers indicating that Wi-Ex is a solid brand with valid products that address multiple network technologies and are easy to install–these are the attributes that our dealers customers are looking for.”

“Wi-Ex is proud to partner with DBL as a national distributor of our line of zBoost cell phone signal booster and network extenders,” said Lloyd R. Meese, president and CEO of Wi-Ex. ” DBL has unique competence at marketing new products with the ability to quickly get those products into the hands of retailers and their customers nationwide.”

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