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DBL Pleased with Event

The distributor satisfies manufacturers, customers, and its employees with its fall Vendor Exposition.

Scottsdale, AZ–DBL Distributing hosted its fall Vendor Exposition on Saturday, October 13, 2007. The semi-annual event provides a tradeshow for DBLs brand name manufacturing partners to exhibit and demonstrate the latest consumer electronic products and accessories to DBL employees and customers.

DBL employees, customers and manufacturer representatives had an impressive turnout with attendance of nearly 500 guests. Additionally, the number of exhibitors grew by more than 30 percent over the previous expo, adding more products and categories.

The event, scheduled to coincide with DBLs recently released Fall/Winter 2007 Catalog, was held at the Doubletree Hotel and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. DBL hosts the vendor expo to foster education about new products and vendors featured in the new winter catalog. DBL customers and employees are able to learn informative selling points and product features directly from industry leading manufacturers. Some manufacturers that attended this informative tradeshow include Canon, JVC, XM Radio, Casio, Soundcast, Sanus, RCA Mobile, and Maxell.

Other show highlights included an HDMI Zone, which facilitated knowledge and training about the new technology surrounding HD cabling products. This zone featured leaders within the HDMI industry including Monster Cable, Gefen, Accell, Phoenix Gold and ExtendHD by Sima.

The participating manufacturers were pleased with the foot traffic and felt they were able to speak with the customers and employees who sold their products. I feel that this Vendor Expo was extremely informative for DBL employees, customers and manufacturers alike. The useful information and hands on demonstrations facilitates more knowledge about the new products and brands inside our holiday catalog and will in turn produce more sales during the fourth quarter selling season. said Steve Bell, vice president of purchasing. This event provides an opportunity to learn about many new vendors featured in our new Fall/Winter catalog while expediting the transfer of knowledge from manufacturer to retailer in an casual but informative social environment.

“I felt that the DBL Vendor Expo was a complete success for my business,” said Mark Rogers, owner of Pacific Marketplace in Oceanside, California. “I learned more about the products I have not been selling as well as the products that I offer to my customers. Being able to speak with the manufacturers allowed me to understand all the features and benefits of each product. I am looking forward to attending the Vendor Expo in the spring.”

The exhibitors were very positive about showcasing their products to DBL employees and customers. It was a great opportunity and Venue for all exhibitors to interface with many of the DBL staffers and their customers, said Kevin Baisley, vice president of sales and marketing for Vutec. Many of my conversations on the exhibit floor were both informative and insightful for Vutecs current strategy and future product development.