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D-BOX, Deluxe Get into Motion

The two companies have teamed up to include D-BOX motion codes in future Deluxe authored discs.

Hollywood, CA–D-BOX Technologies Inc. has signed an agreement with Deluxe, which stipulates that Deluxe will now include D-BOX motion codes to the major motion picture studios in their movie media (DVD, HD DVD or Blu-ray). The D-BOX Integrated Motion System (IMS) allows viewers to feel the movie by transporting the motion of a plane, car or ocean beach directly into their chair.

“This is a major step towards our goal of D-BOX technology becoming a world standard for the home theater market,” said Claude McMaster, president and CEO of D-BOX Technologies Inc. “This agreement will rapidly increase the visibility and awareness of our technology among a potentially large number of movie viewers. It also adds credibility to our technology, as millions of people will see this new option on their DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray discs, and should significantly influence our sales growth in the coming years.”

In addition to managing the motion code development and authoring process, the agreement states that Deluxe’s services will include the design and integration of a D-BOX menu in the media for information purposes, including a clip of the D-BOX technology in the bonus material, as well as placement of the D-BOX logo on the screen, in the media menu and on the media wrap. Deluxe will provide the services described in the agreement to D-BOX on an exclusive basis for a period of three years.

“Motion is one of the next waves in the entertainment experience and D-BOX is a pioneer in the field,” said Rob Seidel, executive vice president and general manager of Deluxe. “D-BOX adds tremendous consumer value to DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray products and we are excited about taking this first big step with a company that could change the movie-viewing experience as we know it.”

Embedded DVDs coupled with D-BOX’s motion actuators, which can be installed on sofas and recliners, provide viewers with an unparalleled viewing experience. Two or three point actuator systems lift the movie viewers in their seats to create realistic motion that is perfectly synchronized with on-screen action. D-BOX currently offers over 650 encoded movies and television series.

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