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DDG Adds Emphasys Brand

The custom installation-focused speakers were designed from the ground-up to be both easy to buy and easy to sell.

Seattle, WA–Digital Delivery Group (DDG), a consortium of regional value added consumer electronics specialty distributors, has formed an alliance with the Emphasys brand of custom installation focused loudspeakers.

“Emphasys has focused on harmonizing the three critical areas of greatest importancesound quality, form factor and a product selection that hits price point sweet spots,” said Keith Marshall, president of Emphasys. “With 20 indoor and outdoor speakers that capture the eye while delivering brilliant sonic performance, we believe Emphasys has successfully achieved this goal for installing dealers and their customers.”

The performance characteristics of Emphasys speakers are surprisingly aggressive for a mid-priced brand and offer dealers some strong sales advantages. For example, the AL2 technology in the brand’s flagship products features high-quality aluminum woofers and aluminum tweeters for ultra-low distortion, improved high frequency response, better sensitivity and exceptional accuracy–all at significantly lower price points than competing designs.

“Its difficult for a brand to enter the DDG lineup and immediately grab the attention of our customer base,” added Kaplan. It takes a special combination of differentiated product and aggressive marketing support to create the kind of extraordinary business opportunity that we all love to get behind. We think Emphasys does just that. It represents a new and very strong sales and profit opportunity for our dealers.”

Emphasys is supported by a unique dedicated Flash website, a 16-page lifestyle brochure, and a wide range of dealer-specific marketing materials.

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