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Denon Now Shipping XM-equipped Receiver

Denon Electronics is now shipping its new AVR-4806 equipped with XM Satellite Radios new Connect-and-Play.

Pine Brook, NJ–Denon Electronics is now shipping its new AVR-4806 multi-zone A/V receiver equipped with XM Satellite Radios new Connect-and-Play technology, which lets users add XM Satellite Radio functionality with the addition of an optional Connect-and-Play XM antenna (SRP: $49.99).

XM Satellite Radio functionality in the AVR-4806 is made possible through the inclusion of XM Radios chipset technology as well as a new proprietary chip and signaling protocol. With the addition of the optional Connect-and-Play antenna, AVR-4806 purchasers will be able to activate the XM Radio service, with access to all satellite and terrestrial signals, as well as channel tuning, decoding and audio transmission, with no additional accessories or installation required. XM Satellite Radio has over four million customers, and provides listeners with more than 150 digital channels, including 67 commercial-free music channels, 65 channels of premier sports, talk, comedy, childrens and entertainment programming, and 21 traffic and weather channels (XM monthly subscription fee: $12.95).

Jeff Talmadge, Marketing Manager for Denon USA noted, In all our premium audio and video products, Denons goal is to provide consumers with the most choice in how they will enjoy the finest quality home entertainment. With the integration of XM Radio Connect-and-Play functionality, AVR-4806 purchasers will now have even more power to choose the type of entertainment they will bring into their home with all the benefits and varied programming of the service that is leading the way in the satellite radio revolution. Satellite radio continues to gain in popularity among American consumers, and Denon looks forward to providing more home entertainment products in the future that feature this lifestyle-enhancing technology.

The Denon AVR-4806 (SRP: $3,500) offers multi-zone preamplifier outputs provide independent power, source and volume control for each zone. It’s also compatible with every popular 6.1 and 5.1-channel surround sound format from Dolby and dts to THX Ultra2 Cinema and Music, as well as THX Surround EX decoding.