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Destiny Partners with Electrograph

Electrograph is now Destiny Network's nationwide distribution partner.

Morgan Hill, CA–Destiny Networks Inc., a system control and handsfree automation company, signed an agreement making Electrograph Systems its nationwide distribution partner.

“Successful distributors can no longer only sell components. Today we sell open solutions,” said Sam Taylor, president of Electrograph Systems. “We view Destiny Networks controllers as the center piece of our control offerings. The simplicity of their software provides our integrators the ability to rapidly create a reliable solution for their customers.”

Electrograph plans to rollout nation-wide training this fall and will be installing Destiny Networks Domain controllers in each of their offices to facilitate demonstration, training and support.

“Electrographs reputation for customer support, both before and after the sale, was the main reason we decided to work with Electrograph,” said Mark Stiving, president and CEO of Destiny Networks. “With the rapid pace of technology growth in our industry, the distributors that help integrators keep that pace will be the most successful. Electrograph clearly understands that the quality of the control system is as important as the quality of the components.”