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D&H Builds Connected Home Product Offerings

D&H Distributing has enhanced its portfolio of connected home devices, with products from Ascend, AwoX. Belkin, Kwikset, Oplink, and Quirky.

D&H Distributing has enhanced its portfolio of connected home devices, with products from Ascend, AwoX. Belkin, Kwikset, Oplink, and Quirky. The new suite of products allow consumers to automate and control electronics in their homes such as lighting, thermostats, music, locks, and doorways via a Bluetooth or Internet connection. 

New offerings include:

AwoX WiFi lighting: AwoX has developed “Striim” Bluetooth-enabled lighting, including four-way, multi-color LED bulbs that can be adjusted for tone and brightness from the user’s smartphone. One such model includes an integrated speaker. Music from the consumer’s smartphone can be synchronized across various AwoX bulbs for a rainbow light show.

Belkin WeMo home automation: This series of products allows homeowners to control their electronics, power, water, and WiFi from a smartphone or tablet. Its light switches work via an app that is compatible with a range of mobile operating systems, including Android, iOS, iPad and iPod touch, offering alerts on how much energy the homeowner’s electronics are consuming.

Oplink Connect Home Systems: Oplink offers WiFi-based devices that perform functions from monitoring doors and windows and providing IP surveillance to alerting users to fire or a water leak. Homeowners can purchase a fully bundled “Security Kit” including WiFi cameras, window and door sensors, key fobs, plus a motion detector and siren.

Kwikset “SmartKey” locks: Kwikset’s SmartKey technology lets homeowners re-key their home security system in seconds if a key is lost or unreturned. The technology is available on door knobs, levers, and electronic deadbolts.

Quirky Smart Home products: Quirky offers a line of home electronics that can be monitored and controlled through the “Wink” home automation app, including its NORM thermostats, GE lighting, the Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner, a propane fuel tank gauge, individual light switches and more. A Wink relay/hub system allows homeowners to control all their smart home devices from one central location, maximizing energy efficiency and customizing usage.

Ascend/Quirky garage door controller:
The Ascend/Quirky garage door controller also works with the Wink app, letting the user open their garage door from anywhere via smartphone, compatible with most existing openers. The user can monitor the status of the door from their phones, receiving alerts when it opens or closes.

“More manufacturers are looking to integrate their connected home devices not just with a WiFi or Bluetooth feature, but with the user’s ever-present cell phone. The pervasive presence of this category at this year’s CES event is proof that smart technologies are sharply on the rise, adding to the ubiquity of the ‘Internet of Things,’ allowing consumers to maintain control over their homes and devices from across the room or across the world,” said Rob Eby, VP of Sales at D&H Distributing. “Not only does this technology deliver convenience and security, it allows the homeowner to use automation to manage the way they consume energy, conserving resources, and establishing a ‘green’ sales angle for dealers.”