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D&H Debuts Instructional Videos

Distributor shares its expertise through multi-vendor online training series.

Harrisburg, PA–D&H Distributing has introduced a new, streaming media training program, called D&H TV. D&H refers to the videos as “solutions-based,” multi-vendor educational offerings that retailers and dealers can view online anytime.

These streaming media training sessions will be presented by D&Hs category and solutions experts, who will teach customers the best strategies for marketing, building and installing turn-key solutions in the digital home arena. Vice president of purchasing, Michael Schwab, who will take on the role of co-president at D&H as of May 1, will provide an introduction to each of the presentations (as the D&H Gadget Guy) and in some cases will deliver the rest of the content as well.

D&H TV presentations will focus on cutting-edge topics for retailers and dealers, including an upcoming session on the February 2009 Digital TV Transition, with additional video training presentations to be added later. The videos will be available for viewing on the distributors website,, starting in April.

D&H TV is part of the distributors larger training effort, which encompasses a series of new seminars at each of D&Hs four 2008 trade show events. The first of these took place at D&Hs West Coast Technology Show, which included joint and individual presentations from industry leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Linksys, and Axis.

Our ability to deliver educational content to our customers has been one of the most well-received parts of D&Hs value-add, so weve been steadily growing those offerings ever since our first seminar at our New England Technology Show back in 1998. Larger partners, more in-depth content and more cutting-edge technologies have been folded into the schedule as the years have gone on, said Dan Schwab, D&Hs vice president of marketing. D&H TV grew out of that momentum, using the popularity of the streaming media format to provide turn-key, cross-vendor content.

D&Hs previous online training series, the V-Train program, consisted of presentations from individual vendors. Although informative sessions, they featured a single product or manufacturer line at a time. D&H TV takes the concept to the next level, providing more overreaching and practical strategies that address full-scale solutions for different markets, including a variety of vendors and products. The goal is to teach resellers how to create and sell the best possible solution, not just a segment of a solution.

We realized that our combined expertise at D&H was more than what could be offered by a single manufacturer. As a distributor, were in a unique position of knowing how to employ different products as an integrated solution in the real world, Schwab added. We can offer broad-based, strategic training that not many other sources can deliver. Its a much more effective way to educate dealers, since its closer to how theyll be selling the products in the field.

The D&H 2008 trade show schedule is as follows:

June 10: D&H Mid-Atlantic Summer Technology Show

August 12: D&H New England Show

October 7: D&H Mid-Atlantic Fall Technology Show