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D&H Expands Product Mix

Distributor adds HD tuners and converters, new GPS capabilities, advanced home automation, and more.

Harrisburg, PA — In a continued effort to deliver new solutions to its partners in the consumer electronics and retail industries, distributor D&H Distributing has added HDTV tuners and converters; voice-activated GPS units; easy, plug-in home automation devices; and high-end connectivity products to its mix.

D&H has made emerging technologies a focus of its business model. The theory stands that the more the distributor vests itself in nascent technologies, and the more it evangelizes those new categories in the market, the more quickly dealers, integrators, retailers and installers are able to benefit from the adoption of new solutions in the home or small office setting.

Were still taking on new products in hot areas such as streaming media, because more innovative versions of these technologies continue to be launched, creating high-potential niche markets, said Rob Eby, vice president of purchasing at D&H. Also, the market never gets tired of developing new ways to transfer digital content from location to location, whether thats from room to room within the home, from the desktop to the television, or in reverse from the television to the PC. Digital media has acquired an amazing ability to travel in recent years, and were happy to pass along these options to our customers to provide a competitive edge.

Here are some of the flagship innovations D&H is carrying for the second half of 2008:

Garmin Nuvi 880: One of Garmins premium navigation units, the Nuvi 880 features speech recognition for hands-free calling capabilities; plus preloaded maps; an FM transmitter; and real-time local weather, traffic, movie times, gas prices, stock information, news and events.

ZWave home automation: ZWaves plug-in technologies let consumers automate a roster of equipment within the home, such as lighting, draperies, thermostats, PCs, garage doors, solar panels, door locks and HDTV antennas. These units literally plug into ordinary wall outlets, letting consumers control their environment, save energy and make life more convenient.

The ZeeVee LocalCast device: The companys ZvBox makes HD content from the PC accessible on the home network, so computer content can be displayed on a dormant HD cable channel. Users can access Internet content, computer applications and digital media housed on their computers through the TV.

Gefen high-end connectivity: Gefens HDMI splitters, switchers, cables and video recorders move digital content from room to room or from device to device. Use Gefen products to view content from a Blu-ray or HD-DVD player on as many as four screens at once, or to distribute satellite TV programming to every room of the house.

Sling Medias Echostar DTVPal: The makers of the popular SlingBox have introduced the EchoStar DTVPal, a digital-to-analog HDTV converter box with a built-in digital tuner. The Echostar, which is government coupon-eligible, allows DishHD Network customers to use their HD satellite receiver like a DVR.

HDHomeRun: Consumers can use the HDHomeRun Networked Digital HDTV tuner to watch or record digital television and cable TV from any computer on their home network, turning the PC into a home entertainment center.

Presto Services: With Presto and the HP Printing Mailbox, a consumer can send emails and photos even if the recipient doesnt have a computer. Send an email to a Presto account, and the service will format the message in a design, and deliver it to the recipients HP Printing Mailbox, ready for printout.