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D&H Predicts Trends for 2008

The distribution firm predicts green philosophies will take root and media servers sales will grow.

Harrisburg, PA–D&H Distributing is looking toward 2008 as a year that will be driven by trends and catalysts such as mobility, which is permeating a range of categories and driving sales in areas including GPS, smart phones, MP3, ultra-portable PCs, notebooks, gaming, and more.

Similarly, the company notes that the wave of ecologically conservative “green” products, which meet energy-efficient specifications yet perform at the same or greater levels than their less-eco-friendly counterparts, are gaining ground among the purchasing public and small businesses.

The companys also said sales show that media servers are fulfilling their early promise to become the central device in the typical home entertainment network.

As more and more companies acknowledge the importance, and the economy, of power-conservative technologies, solutions like Western Digital’s eco-friendly “GreenPower” storage hard drives (which can yield power savings of four to five watts over competing models) are gaining favor. Sharp’s Energy Star-compliant Aquos LCD HDTV displays and accessories such as the PowerMonkey eXplorer solar device charger round out a range of green products newly appearing on the market.

D&H notes that the media PC/server has taken its place as the hub for the digital entertainment center in the home and the small/home office, centralizing functions that include media storage, distributed audio controls and home automation. Models such as HP’s forthcoming EX470 MediaSmart home server features multiple, scalable hard drives; can centralize different PCs throughout the home; and can provide remote access to the user’s digital libraries.