D&H Supports Retailers With Training And Product Info On Next Generation Mobility

Training Familiarizes Retailers, Dealers, Etailers With Functions Added by Intel Gen6, Windows 10
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D&H Distributing is supporting its retailers, dealers, and ‘e-tailers’ through training and product-based offerings to help them leverage the benefits of next-gen computing, enabled by Intel’s 6th Generation Core micro-processor chips (formerly Skylake) and Windows 10.

D&H is offering training sessions at its upcoming West Coast Technology Show on March 10 in Industry Hills, California. The event offers two separate sessions, “Reach for the Sky(lake) - Innovation Update 2016!” presented by Lenovo, and “Intel Inside, No Limits Outside,” presented by Intel.

The new Intel chipsets enable greater performance than previous chipsets, particularly on machines running Windows 10. Advantages include up to 30-percent greater battery life, improved integrated graphics, support for 4K multimedia content, enhanced security, decreased form factors, and increased power optimization. Users can increase their mobility and their ability to collaborate, while allowing the user to more easily access cloud-based programs, create dynamic content and leverage high definition media.

D&H’s product experts will help their dealers and retailers learn about Next Generation Computing in relation to a roster of vendors, providing insights on how to best market computing devices with these new capabilities from a roster of vendors.

“D&H is keenly positioned to help the retail sector learn how next generation computing reinvigorates the mobile computing paradigm,” said Jeff Davis, senior vice president of sales at D&H. “Battery life, content creation and performance have taken a leap forward with these technologies. We want to help the retail sector communicate this message, so they can not only profit from the sales opportunity, but speed proliferation of these new capabilities in the marketplace.”