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D&H Taps into Streaming Content Trend

The distributor is supporting a list of products and vendors that are following the increased awareness of home-based streaming media.

Harrisburg, PA–D&H Distributing is supporting a list of products and vendor partners in the distributed audio and video category. This line-up is helping to familiarize D&H customers with an escalating trend toward home-based streaming media, which makes digital entertainment content accessible and transferable between different rooms of the home.

These media-streaming technologies make the homeowner’s digital media content itself mobile in a sense, since media files can be easily distributed and played from room to room. Products from D&H partners such as Yamaha (the MusicCAST home audio servers), Russound (multiroom audio control systems), and Philips (Streamium home audio products) manage and disperse audio and/or video content throughout the home, giving the user control over when, where and how they enjoy their entertainment. D&H is also in negotiations with additional manufacturers to add distributed video solutions to its linecard.

Yamaha’s MusicCAST line is an advanced suite of audio servers, clients, control systems and speakers. Its “Music Jukebox” functionality lets users store and access a library of 200 hours worth of music on a central server, creating playlists and burning customized CDs. Content is wirelessly distributed to any room within 16 different zones of the home at the touch of a button.

Philips’ Streamium system wirelessly connects to media devices such as the iPod or Philips’ GoGear MP3 player; or users can access the Internet via PC to download videos, music, pictures and games to be played on a home theater system. Streamium lets users do high-speed CD-ripping, then wirelessly streams the content from its 80GB Music Center server to up to five control stations simultaneously.

Russound’s multiroom audio products, including the feature-rich, customizable RNET products, facilitate control of a central AV system from any room in the home or office using keypads, touchscreens and ergonomic remotes. Add-on products like the new iBridge Bay works with a Mac desktop, giving the RNET system access to the user’s iTunes music, podcasts and playlists, plus allows for viewing of movies, photos and DVDs in any of RNET’s room-based zones.

“Distributed AV holds great potential for dealers, integrators and resellers. It’s a new spin on mobile content that personalizes the consumer’s entertainment experiences. This way, and entire family can access its own, comprehensive entertainment library and play content simultaneously,” said Dan Schwab, vice president of marketing at D&H Distributing. “Consumers like the idea of easily streaming their media throughout their living spaces. It gives them even more freedom than the mobile mediaplayer did, since that has to be physically carried between destinations.”

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