D&H to Improve Services, Add to Sales Team

Distributor Plans Enhanced Investments in Supply Channel, Internal Processes
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D&H Distributing, the North American computer products and consumer electronics distributor, is planning a series of new investments and resources for its fiscal year 2018, which began on May 1, 2017, with many of these initiatives extending into the future. 

Major investments include improved logistics, new sales personnel and increased channel breadth for vendors across the board, and internal team initiatives that will enhance D&H’s work-life balance for co-owners.

“D&H strives to be an ideal distribution partner for our customers across a range of markets,” said Dan Schwab, co-president at D&H Distributing. “We will continue add resources, rolling out a plan to devote more support to the systems and the manufacturers that serve the retail marketplace. 

“Our team is vested in creating enhancements and customizations to make our transaction processes faster and more efficient for our partners. We apply such efficiencies to our internal processes as well, creating an environment that’s not only productive and creative, but that stresses the wellbeing of our co-owner employees, to insure a healthy and constructive atmosphere.” 

The company is enhancing its capabilities in logistics, inventory management, forecasting, and e-commerce support to provide optimal services in a demanding retail marketplace.

D&H also will focus on growing customer breadth for its vendors across the board. While breadth is declining for many manufacturers in the supply channel, D&H intends to increase support and funding for it manufacturer partners to generate additional sales.

The distributor has plans to increase its sales staff to accommodate new growth and maintain its ongoing “high-touch” service model.

D&H also plans to open a new warehouse facility in Vancouver, BC, in addition to its headquarters location in Brampton, ON. The new center is located to speed delivery and expand D&H’s logistical services within the western end of the country. The unveiling of this new distribution center coincides with D&H Canada’s 10th anniversary.

As a private, family-owned company celebrating its 99th anniversary, D&H maintains a focus on work/life balance, offering internal events and activities that aim to strengthen D&H’s team and engender a family atmosphere. Activities include “softball slams,” family picnics and movie nights, and “D&H Cares” co-owner charity events. In addition, multiple fun co-owner events are planned each month to celebrate D&H’s “Centennial Countdown” year. 

“Just as we’ve grown business with partners in the past years, D&H is laser-focused on adding incremental revenue for dozens of key vendors,” said Michael Schwab, co-president at D&H. “The goal is to generate increased opportunities for our customers, and we intend to double-down on those investments. We’re looking to add dozens of strategic, complementary manufacturers to expand our customers’ revenues and breadth of offering.

“The goal is to bring more customers into the fold and provide ample resources to help them grow profits, building on some of the impactful models we leveraged in the past. While some distributors carry nearly every vendor as part of their strategy, we prefer to have a more focused line card. This allows us to add greater value and help our vendors achieve wider market penetration with the customers we serve. We align with these vendors to help our partners succeed in both their consumer and business initiatives.”