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Digeo ‘Mate’ for Flagship Moxi HD DVR

Kirkland, WA – Digeo has introduced the Moxi Mate digital media player, which adds multi-room viewing to the Moxi HD DVR experience.

The Moxi Mate is designed as a small, silent set-top box that connects with the Moxi HD DVR over the home network, so users can browse and play back recorded programs in other rooms. The Moxi Mate can also play media files available from the home network or the Internet on a TV in any room in the house.

“Our mission is to continue making the world’s best DVR even better. We are working hard to rapidly deliver innovations and additions to the Moxi HD DVR for the most discriminating customers,” said Digeo CEO Greg Gudorf. “With the introduction of Moxi Mate, we’re expanding the Moxi experience to the whole home in a simple, compact, and economical solution.”

With its limited-time special bundle, Digeo is offering the Moxi HD DVR (MSRP: $799) with a Moxi Mate (MSRP: $399) for $999 (approximately a $200 savings.) Eligible, existing Moxi HD DVR customers will also be able to purchase the Moxi Mate separately at the discounted price of $199.

Digeo continues to offer monthly payment options and zero-percent financing support, including for the bundled offering. Consumers can purchase the Moxi multi-room solution — a Moxi HD DVR plus a Moxi Mate for $49.95 per month for 20 months. Additional information on this offer can be found at

The company also has added DVR compatibility with the LaCie 4big Quadra six terabyte hard drive ( allowing consumers to record 12 times the HD programming previously available (up to 1,000 hours of HD recording).

Digeo is also rolling out software updates at no additional cost for existing and new Moxi HD DVRs. New additions include an option to view upcoming programming through a “grid guide,” which presents multiple channels and timeslots simultaneously, in addition to the traditional Moxi menu program guide. Also, Moxi now supports the SDV protocol in use by select digital cable providers in certain geographic markets with an SDV tuning adapter from your cable operator. Finally, Moxi now offers more media file support for digital cameras, HD camcorders and popular Internet Media formats.