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Digital Projection Reduces Price of E-Vision Projectors

DP is providing a more than 30 percent reduction over 2022 pricing.

Devoted to driving more business for dealers, Digital Projection International has announced its biggest price drop on projectors in years. Focused on select projectors in its E-Vision line, the aggressive cost-cutting makes projection systems financially feasible for more clients, which in turn helps dealers sell more products and broaden their customer base. From its reliable workhorse E-Vision 4000 4K projector to E-Vision 9000 high-lumen models, DP is delivering to dealers and their customers exceptional imaging performance at a more than 30 percent reduction over 2022 pricing.

Digital Projection EVision 4000 projector

Leading off the unprecedented price drop is DP’s mainstream projector, the E-Vision 4000. Originally carrying an $8425 MSRP, it now goes for $5299, a savings of more than $3100. Other projectors in the line to undergo a significant cost reduction include the E-Vision LASER 6500 II, 9000 WU, and 9100 WU. All these projectors are in stock and readily available at these historically low prices.

“We understand that one of the biggest inhibitors of the adoption of projection systems by many commercial and residential customers has been cost. We want to change this mindset by making our entry-level E-Vision line more affordable so that dynamic, immersive projection systems can fit into nearly anyone’s budget,” says Chuck Collins, DP vice president of sales. “At the same time, dealers can reach more customers, do more business, and boost their bottom line. With incredible savings like this, we want DP to be dealers’ go-to source for budget-friendly projection systems and when they need a more sophisticated, capable projector, or a LED display, we have those options, too.” To sweeten the deal, DP has doubled its DP Dollars SPIFF Program on most of its projectors.

DP’s New E-Vision Projector Pricing:

  • E-Vision 4000 4K UHD projector now $5299 MSRP; was $8425 for a savings of over $3100
  • E-Vision LASER 6500II now $6999 MSRP; was $9995 for a savings of nearly $3000
  • E-Vision 9000 WU now $8999 MSRP; was $13,885 for a savings of $4886
  • E-Vision 9100 WU now $10,249; was $14,735 for a savings of $4486

To take advantage of this new pricing structure authorized Digital Projection dealers can log in to the DP partner portal or contact their regional sales rep.

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