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Digital Signage Trade Show Registration Open

The Digital Signage 2011 Virtual Trade Show, produced by NewBay Media (with InfoComm as the Association partner), will take place on July 21 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EDT. The virtual trade show is all online, with no charge to attend. The show will feature in-depth presentations from Patrick Quinn (pqmedia), Laura Davi

The Digital Signage 2011 Virtual Trade Show, produced by NewBay Media (with InfoComm as the Association partner), will take place on July 21 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EDT. The virtual trade show is all online, with no charge to attend.

The show will feature in-depth presentations from Patrick Quinn (pqmedia), Laura Davis-Taylor, Faizal Javer of Intel, Lyle Bunn, Chris Connery (DisplaySearch), Alan Brawn, and Jonathan Brawn. Attendees will get updates from visiting the booths of industry stars like Sharp, Intel, NEC, Mitsubishi, Contemporary Research, Black Box, and more.

Register to attend the July 21 virtual event, free of charge, by clicking here.

This free virtual trade show includes conference sessions with live Q&A, keynotes and in-depth presentations on the latest in digital signage and DOOH trends and statistics, virtual exhibit Booths with supplier/buyer interaction, downloadable reference material, and a Virtual Lounge for idea exchange and social networking.

AUDITORIUM Presentations; Digital Signage 2011, July 21:

AUDITORIUM: Keynote Roundtable:
David Keene leads a virtual panel of the country’s top DOOH and digital signage researchers and consultants, drilling down into what’s going in today’s market, for Metrics, digital signage for the retail space, the role of the distributor in the market, and more. Participants include Rob Winston or Arbitron, Patrick Quinn of pqmedia, Lyle Bunn, Alan Brawn, and Laura Davis-Taylor.

AUDITORIUM: The DOOH Landscape: Growth, and Challenges
Presenter: Patrick Quinn, pqmedia
Global digital out-of-home media (DOOH) revenue generated by digital place-based network, billboard and signage operators, grew 16.3 percent to $6.47 billion in 2010 and is projected to expand 16.9 percent in 2011. Yet, among the challenges agencies and brands face for global DOOH in general, but the U.S. DPN segment in particular, is the continued need for strong standard measurement, planning and buying systems, as well as better program content and advertising creative. In addition, the U.S. DPN landscape continues to be very fragmented, as PQ Media’s research identified 220 DPN operators running 468 networks in the U.S. at year-end 2010. The relatively few DPN operators offering national scale was also cited by agencies and brands as a challenge.

AUDITORIUM: Creating Smart Signage
Presenter: Faizal Javer, Director of Channel Development, Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA), Intel.
The success of digital signage going forward hinges on:
• Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA)
• Energy efficiency, on the hardware/media player side of the equation
• Remote management
• Rich Media Content, Processing and Blending
By providing a way to measure ROO, and ROI, we can transform digital signage to “smart signage.” An example of this is what Intel is doing, with its AIM Suite, that addresses Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA). Key to the AVA package is face detection technology. No images are recorded, so there is no issue of “privacy.”

The AIM Suite can measure dwell time in front of the screen, identify viewer patterns, provide ad campaign analytics, aid in real time content triggering, and more. In this presentation, Faizal Javer, Director of Channel Development, Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA), Intel, updates us on the latest developments using new technologies to turn “digital signage” into smart signage.

AUDITORIUM: Digital Signage in the Retail Space
Presenter: Laura Davis Taylor, Creative Realities, Inc.
There is huge opportunity unfolding for digital in Retail stores. What works, and what doesn’t — and more importantly, how to talk the same language as brands and agencies, to get a piece of the huge retail market. We’ll look at recent developments in Interactive digital signage; Tying placed-based media to mobile handsets and smartphones; and the place of social networking in retail digital signage.

AUDITORIUM: Display Sales: Commercial Grade Flat Panels, Consumer Market Crossover, and the Future of Digital Signage.
Presenter: Chris Connery, Display Search
Chris Connery explains what the sales data for flat panels tells us about the where the market is going in 2011 and beyond: the areas of growth, the areas of pressure on prices, and the areas of profitability. With a special look at the relationship between the Digital Signage, Commercial AV, and the Home Theater Market. Connery will also update us on the Japanese component supply chain in the wake of March 2011 events.

AUDITORIUM: Insight Media University: New Educational Platform for the Industry
Presenters: Alan Brawn, and Jonathan Brawn
Insight Media University (IMU) is the first independent all-in-one education resource for the AV, IT, Digital Signage, Consumer Electronics and Display Industries. We’ll cover the goals and objectives of IMU, how it will work, the course library, certification and testing information, along with ways we can support trade associations, manufacturers and distributors.

AUDITORIUM: Closing In on Content Best Practices
Presenter: Lyle Bunn, Principal & Strategy Architect, BUNN Co
The term “Content is King” has resonated as Dynamic Out-of Home and Digital Signage networks present messages on digital display screens in out-of-home points of purchase, transit, gathering, work and study. The estimated 1.4 million displays operational in North America offer highly targeted, centrally-controlled rich media and it is this “content” that delivers communications and marketing results. Lyle Bunn addresses some of the key elements related to Dynamic Media Content to define a baseline for conduct related to content, and establish a clearer vantage point from which to advance the practice and application of dynamic media content.

AUDITORIUM: LCD, and Plasma– More Innovation to Come
Presenters: Alan Brawn, Brawn Consulting; and Jonathan Brawn, Brawn Consulting
LCD panels, and to some extent Plasma, continue to dominate when it comes to flat panel display applications. Now that most displays are 1080P, where is the technology going, in terms of new features? There are plenty more innovations coming, including:
– The LED-backlit revolution for LCD panels
– Ever thinner bezels, for tiling displays
– Larger screen sizes– how big can LCD and Plasma go?
– Falling prices: the market grows larger, as margins shrink– how will you position your products and services?

Register, free of charge, to attend the July 21 virtual event:

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