Dirac Certifies StreamUnlimited’s StreamSDK

Brands Now Able to Integrate Dirac Audio Technologies into Products
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Dirac Research has certified StreamSDK, a streaming and multi-room audio integration solution from StreamUnlimited, as an approved product module for companies who want to incorporate Dirac technologies into their products. 

Dirac’s certification of the StreamSDK platform will allow audio manufacturers to conveniently bring products with Dirac’s audio optimizations to market. StreamUnlimited is a supplier of multi-room audio streaming solutions that are compatible with many common devices, including UPnP/DLNA, Google Cast (TM), USB, wireless/Ethernet, Android, and Apple iOS. Dirac’s certification of the StreamSDK will provide an off-the-shelf solution to companies wanting to integrate any of Dirac’s technologies into consumer electronics products.

“We are excited to have Dirac’s technologies available in our StreamSDK platform,” said Frits Wittgrefe, chief executive officer for StreamUnlimited. “The Dirac team are true experts in their field and we are very pleased to work with them and we are certain their technologies to improve sound quality will be very valuable for our customers. We’re seeing potential for many of our clients brands to use Dirac’s technologies like room correction and speaker optimization in their products.”

“We are very pleased to be able to give this opportunity to new customers as a very cost effective solution to get access to our portfolio of technologies,” said Mathias Johansson, CEO at Dirac Research. “It is a rich, reliable, high-quality platform that provides access for brands to easily integrate our digital sound optimization technologies into their devices.”