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D&M Clarifies McIntosh and Snell Integration

Binghamton, NY — Following rumors and concerns about the future of McIntosh Laboratory and Snell Acoustics, parent company D&M Holdings has issued a press release stating that it has taken steps to integrate the operations of the two premium brands together.

According to the statement, while the brands will remain distinct in the marketplace, both companies will benefit from an advantageous “cross-pollination” of engineering, product design, and marketing strategies.

To smoothly integrate the manufacturing operations of both companies, D&M Holdings is in the process of building a dedicated state-of-the-art facility for Snell on the McIntosh campus in Binghamton, New York. Because both companies specialize in ultra-luxury, hand-assembled, precision-crafted products, Snell fits well within the existing McIntosh infrastructure, the release stated, and the integration will allow both companies to maintain the integrity and value of their respective brands.

The restructuring also is intended to allow both Snell and McIntosh to benefit from increased economies of scale, while leveraging the joint supply base and procurement for maximum efficiency.

As part of the integration, Charlie Randall, president of McIntosh Laboratory, will supervise Snell. Bob Graffy, brand manager of Snell, will report to Randall.