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D&M Expands Management Team

D&M has established a new global management structure.

Tokyo, Japan–D&M Holdings Inc. has established a new
global management structure for operations in Japan, Asia and North America.

The new structure combines brand management organization with regional management for sales and marketing. D&M Holdings is the parent company of Denon Ltd., Marantz Japan, D&M Professional, McIntosh Laboratory and Digital Networks North America (DNNA), which comprises the ReplayTV, Rio and Escient branded products.

The new structure has three main operational divisions: a regional sales and marketing organization, a brand
organization and a global operation for manufacturing and supply chain management.

We are moving to a business management model that will make our sales and marketing teams around the globe very responsive to regional market demands,” said D&M Holdings Chief Executive Officer and Representative Executive Officer , Tatsuo Kabumoto. “The new structure will allow us to better differentiate channel strategy, promotion and programs on a regional basis while also creating strong global brand management teams.

The unique character of each brand will be retained in the marketing and distribution strategy, and the company will continue to maintain distinct sales and marketing teams aligned with the brands.

Regional sales/marketing organization:

Mitsushige Sakamoto, president of Denon, assumed the role of president of D&M Sales and Marketing, Japan, covering all the D&M brands. Sakamoto also became chairman of Denon Brand Company.

Takashi Sato, president of Marantz, assumed the role of president of D&M Sales and Marketing, Asia, covering all the D&M brands. Sato also became chairman of Marantz Brand Company.

Bob Weissburg has been named president of D&M Sales and Marketing, North America, covering all the D&M brands.

A similar organization for Europe will be established during the first half of the 2004 fiscal year.

Brand organization:

Hirofumi Ichikawa, department manager of Denons Global Marketing Division, Marketing and Products Planning Department, has been named president of Denon Brand Company, which focuses on product planning, development and brand management.

Masao Goto, general manager of Denons Engineering and Products Planning Division, has been named president of Marantz Brand Company.

Global operations:

Katsumi Shimoguchi, Executive Officer/General Manager of Marantz Audio Planning and Development Group, has been named the new CTO of D&M Holdings.

Tomoharu Suseki, director of supply chain management, has been named president of D&M Manufacturing, which is now responsible for global industrial operations and supply chain management.

D&M Holdings also announced planned changes to its board of directors. Victor J. Pacor will join the companys board of directors upon shareholder approval at the D&M shareholders meeting on June 24, 2004. Current board members Tim Collins and Michael Seedman will step down as directors after two years of service on the D&M board.