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Dolby Shows Off Latest HDR Display Prototype

The company, in collaboration with SIM2, unveiled its latest high-dynamic-range technologies in New York this week.

New York, NY–Dolby Laboratories Inc. and SIM2 Multimedia are proud to showcase a new prototype high-dynamic-range (HDR)enabled LCD flat-screen display using Dolbys new light emitting diodes (LED) local dimming technology.

Dolbys HDR technologies utilize the capabilities of LED-based backlight units (BLUs) to provide outstanding contrast combined with crisp brightness to deliver picture quality that matches real-world visual perception of depth, detail, and color.

This prototype is a stunning example of what Dolbys HDR technologies can bring to the LCD market, said Bharath Rajagopalan, senior marketing manager, HDR, Dolby Laboratories. As Dolby holds patents that are fundamental to local dimmingbased HDR, we welcome the opportunity to showcase our innovative technology that delivers a dramatic improvement to LCD displays.

As part of the collaboration effort, SIM2 designed and developed the BLU, which drives the electronics of the LCD display plus the BLU and BLU thermal management system. In addition to the prototype development, SIM2 will provide Dolby with manufacturing reference designs.

This prototype exemplifies SIM2s ability to incorporate breakthrough technology into its electronics and optical design, providingonce againa stunning display that will be a key reference for next-generation LCD displays, said Domenico Toffoli, director, Professional Systems Business Unit, SIM2. We are proud to be the first to support the development of a technology of this stature.

The prototype is a 46-inch LCD with Dolbys HDR LED backlight technology:
1,838 LEDs
LCD panel providing a resolution of 1920
1080, fitting a native 16:9 aspect ratio
Brightness: greater than 4,000 cd/m2
Contrast ratio: Infinite! Full On/Full Off
Step size: 16 bits of luminance
Luminance uniformity: more than 95% through the LCD panel

Incorporated into the design is a Xilinx Virtex field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) chipset, recently approved by Dolby for HDR innovations. The Xilinx FPGA chipset enables the implementation of Dolbys complex high-dynamic-range algorithms in the SIM2 display. The prototype sports a contemporary and stylish design and was created by designer Giorgio Revoldini.

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