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Domotz Adds Manufacturer Support For Luxul

Domotz and Luxul have launched in collaboration a new Manufacturer Support feature in Domotz PRO.

Domotz and Luxul have launched in collaboration a new Manufacturer Support feature in Domotz PRO.

The new feature allows professional installers to share access to their customer’s network with Luxul’s support team for real-time troubleshooting. Once the problem is resolved, the dealer can quickly revoke access to potentially alleviate any security concerns.

“Through our partnership with Domotz, Luxul integrators can ensure a properly configured, secured and optimized network for their customers,” said Jeffrey Curtis, general manager and vice president of Luxul. “For our integrators, time is money. Giving them a simple method for accessing and collaborating with Luxul support resources via an interactive real-time troubleshooting session is ground-breaking.”

“This new feature exemplifies how cloud-based network access systems are win-win for the entire custom home automation ecosystem. Everybody is saving time and money,” said Domenico Crapanzano, CEO and co-founder of Domotz. “Luxul is now able to offer a more streamlined troubleshooting process that saves their integrators time, while also reducing ticketing times for their support team.”

Use of the Manufacturer Support feature in the Domotz PRO app is designed to be simple and convenient. Neither the dealer, nor the Luxul support representative need to be on-site to enable remote troubleshooting. The basic process is as follows:

1. Once any Luxul device is found on a network that’s using Domotz PRO, a Manufacturer Support tile will appear on the Domotz PRO dashboard.

2. The dealer can grant the Luxul support team temporary access to any Luxul device.

3. With access to the device, the Luxul support team can assist the dealer to investigate and resolve issues faster and with more detailed information.

Access to the network is temporary and automatically revoked after the specified time threshold or once the dealer closes the support session

The new Luxul Manufacturer Support feature has already been pushed to Domotz PRO.

Domotz PRO support features for additional hardware manufacturers will be announced in the months ahead.