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DPL Awards Ethereal a Five-Star Rating on HDMI Cables

Ormond Beach, FL — DPL Laboratories Inc. (DPL Labs), the digital technology testing laboratory focused on digital signaling solutions such as HDMI, has awarded Ethereal Home Theater a “5” or “best” performance rating on its PL-HDM1 one-meter HDMI cable. This is DPL Labs’ first “5” rating on an HDMI cable longer than 0.5 meters.

DPL Labs created the DPL Certification Program to assist consumer and commercial buyers in the process of selecting the HDMI product best suited to meet their individual needs based on a product’s actual tested and confirmed performance. Product performance results from DPL Labs independent laboratory are then published on the company’s website at for easy reference by anyone in the market for quality HDMI products.

Ethereal supplied DPL Labs with products from its exclusive Platinum series of HDMI cables for performance testing. The Platinum series of cables from Ethereal represent their finest engineering and features such design innovations as 5X shielding, solid silver signal conductors, and nitrogen-injected skin-foam-skin dielectric materials. DPL’s engineers conducted a rigorous multi-variable testing regime resulting in a comprehensive picture of a cable’s true level of performance.