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DPL Labs Releases Results for Next Generation HDMI Cables

Ormond Beach, FL — DPL Laboratories, a leading technical laboratory conducting performance testing of high bandwidth digital signaling solutions, has released detailed performance results for HDMI cable products from Next Generation Home Products (NGHP). DPL Labs technicians noted that while all of the models supplied from NGHP received performance rankings that were well above average, one model, a six-meter cable in the manufacturer’s Xtreme series, earned an exceptional “3” ranking on DPL’s “1” to “5” scale from “good” to “best.”

Next Generation Home Products is a Port Richey, Florida-based provider of a wide range of solutions for industry installers and dealers including remote extenders, cables, switchers, and splitters. As one of the first companies to join DPL Labs’ Digital Performance Level HD Performance Testing & Certification Program, Next Generation believes that providing dealers and consumers with true performance ratings to assist them in selecting the right product for their application makes good business sense.

DPL Labs tested several models from Next Generation ranging in length from one meter to six meters. DPL technicians conducted a rigorous multi-element testing regime in both Class B and Class C testing classifications. All Next Generation HDMI cables earned scores with either a “3” or a “4” rating in both testing classifications, representing excellent overall performance.

And the six-meter model in particular, at almost 20 feet in length, earned a performance rating of “3” which is especially notable for a relatively long HDMI cable.

For a complete listing of model-by-model results on all tested Next Generation products, see Class B results at
and Class C results at