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DVDO Auction to Benefit Katrina Aid Effort

DVDOs monthly charitable auction will raise money for members of the Santa Clara First Baptist Church to travel to Louisiana.

Campbell, CA–DVDO, powered by Anchor Bay Technologies, will donate the proceeds from the July Charity Auction to help fund Hurricane Katrina relief efforts by members of the Santa Clara First Baptist Church. Each month, as part of their corporate responsibility program, DVDO auctions off a new product package via its website and donates all the proceeds to a different worthy cause.

From August 13 to August 20, fifteen members from the Santa Clara First Baptist Church Impact Group will be going to Slidell, Louisiana, to assist in the Hurricane Katrina clean-up efforts. The group will be spending a week in Louisiana helping to gut houses ravaged by the hurricane, in hopes that the families of Slidell will be able to return to their homes and a sense of normalcy as soon as possible. Once the houses have been gutted, residents can then begin the rebuilding process. Slidell is roughly thirty minutes outside of New Orleans with a population of about 120,000. Known as a great family town and home to the best performing schools in the state, the town was almost completely leveled by Katrina.

Dwight Whipple, of DVDO, has been the driving factor behind coordinating these efforts. As team leader of The Impact Group, Dwight, along with members, Jerry and Sharon Cintas, are trying to raise money for its members to take the trip to Louisiana. Aides to the relief efforts are responsible to pay their way to Louisiana, as well as the costs incurred while there, including airfare and a rental van. The proceeds of the July Charity Auction will go directly to help fund their trip. While in Louisiana, the Impact Group will work side by side with Operation Blessing, who has been a huge factor in the rebuild of Slidell.

The auction package for July includes a brand new and recently launched DVDO iScan VP20 in the box with full warranty and an upgrade package that enhances both the aesthetic and performance value. When integrated into a home entertainment set-up, the VP20 offers state-of-the-art video processing allowing users to watch all video sources in the native high definition, which is best for their display. The upgrade package includes a user-installable VRS Precision Deinterlacing Card as well as DVDO’s new VP20 silver (brushed aluminum) faceplate. The total retail value of the package is $2,297.

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