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DVDO Offers Firmware Download for Matrix6 Matrix Switcher

A new firmware is available for the DVDO Matrix Switcher, Matrix6.

A new firmware is available for the DVDO Matrix Switcher, Matrix6.

The Matrix6 is a DVDO matrix switcher that brings 4K Ultra HD source switching to residential and commercial AV systems. Developed for easy integration into home theater control systems, Matrix6 supports two independent 4K streams allowing you to add a second display or projector while sharing an existing source stack thereby minimizing cost.

Additionally, it provides MHL (Mobile High Definition-Link) connectivity to mobile content on a big screen. For immediate download, please click here. Note that the update requires resetting Matrix6 to factory defaults.

The new firmware updates include:

Fixed Custom EDID selection menu bug
Improved switching in performance mode reduces and in most cases eliminates picture flashing in one zone while input switching is performed in another zone.
Improved compatibility with Apple TVs
Improved input switching time
Improved input LED reaction time for a better user experience
Added support for MHL 2.1 3D video
Fixed issue where MHL power is unintentionally cycled when switching to and from an MHL input (HDMI 1 or HDMI 6)
Input switching command through the serial port now indicates a zone number per the specification

DVDO Matrix6 is available at with an MSRP of $499.99.