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ELAC Introduces Debut Speaker Line by Andrew Jones

Marking its return to North America, ELAC unveiled its Debut line of speakers.

Marking its return to North America, ELAC unveiled its Debut line of speakers. These new speakers are the first to be designed by ELAC America’s new vice president of engineering, Andrew Jones, at the new Southern California design center.

“My design objective was to achieve the most accurate sound possible in speakers that deliver performance far exceeding their cost,” said Jones. “I’ve employed materials and design specifications not found in speakers in this price range. From cone materials, to driver geometry, to subwoofer amplification, we built serious value into the Debut series.”

This Debut line consists of two bookshelf speakers (B5 and B6), one floor-standing speaker (F5), one center speaker (C5), one Atmos add-on speaker (A4), and three powered subwoofers (S10, S10EQ, and S12EQ), and represents a new level of performance at affordable price points.

The entire line of Debut speakers utilizes custom designed drivers engineered for maximum performance and musicality. The woofers employ aramid fiber cones providing a superior strength-to-weight ratio over other materials, allowing more flexibility in design to achieve a smoother extended response. Other woofer design attributes include an oversized magnet and a vented pole piece.

A newly developed tweeter and waveguide with a deep spheroid profile delivers improved directivity control and shields the tweeter wave front from cabinet diffraction.

A refined multi-element crossover provides an ideal blending of drivers to deliver a coherent audio experience traditionally found on speakers costing substantially more.

The introduction of the Debut series subwoofers brings along with it a new level of subwoofer control and room integration. Both the S10EQ and the S12EQ incorporate ELAC’s advanced DSP system, which provides automatic calibration of the subwoofer to whatever environment it is placed. Utilizing the company’s SUB Control app and your smartphone, traditional analog controls such as level and crossover have been replaced by a Bluetooth 4.0 LE connection. Providing a new level of control, these new subwoofers provide the ability to automatically equalize themselves to any room environment by using a 12-band parametric equalizer and the microphone in your cell phone. Simply place your cell phone in the near field of the subwoofer and the app will calibrate the microphone in your cell phone against 12 built-in test tones. Then simply move to your desired seating location and the subwoofer will calibrate itself providing far better integration of the subwoofer to your environment.

The Debut Speaker line will be available this Fall.