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ELAN Adds Chowmain to API Partner Program

Eight New Drivers are Now Available Through the ELAN 8.2 Software Release

ELAN has teamed up with home automation driver developer Chowmain to build new drivers that expand the subsystem functionality of custom installations. Eight new drivers are now available through the ELAN 8.2 software release. 

According to Nortek Security & Control director of software product management Tom McKeon, ELAN has been working closely with Chowmain managing director Alan Chow to bring the new drivers to the platform. 

Chow said that over the past year, the ELAN team has helped his company “hone in” on where to focus its energy, and which specific drivers to develop that will have an impact on dealers’ business. “As a result, our new drivers extend ELAN’s platform into a new realm of online control and consumer-friendly devices,” he said. The new drivers, available in ELAN’s 8.2 software release, include:

Oppo Blu-Ray Player: The Oppo Blu-ray driver for ELAN provides the most advanced two-way feedback and control for any Blu-ray player integrated into the system. Integrators can now create the ideal automated media experience for their customers by providing automated control over projection modes, screen masking, room lighting, as well as the automated startup of a room based on video disc or audio disc detection.

IFTTT Maker: IFTTT (an abbreviation of “If This, Then That”) is a free web-based service that now allows ELAN dealers to create chains of simple conditional statements, or “recipes,” that are triggered based on changes to other web services and products. IFTTT integration enables ELAN to control any of the products or services integrated into IFTTT. As such, ELAN will now integrate with Google Home and provide Geofencing support—among many other features.

Nvidia Shield/Amazon Fire TV: The new irUSB driver for ELAN provides IP-based control over Android devices like the Amazon FireTV and Nvidia Shield, with full transport control as well as the ability to launch applications programmatically. Users can now click on the Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube icons on the ELAN interface and the respective apps will automatically launch.

PJ Link Universal Projector: The PJ Link Universal Projector driver for ELAN provides two-way IP control over projectors from manufacturers including BenQ, Mitsubishi Electric, InFocus, NEC, Casio, Canon, Sharp, Sky, Seiko Epson, Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, and Ricoh.

British Sky+ HD/Sky Q Driver: The British Sky+ HD/Sky Q driver for ELAN provides IP control over the British Sky+ HD & Sky Q/Sky Q mini set-top boxes, along with the ability to view channels with artwork directly from the ELAN interface.

IntesisBox: The IntesisBox driver for ELAN provides integration with various HVAC systems using either a universal IntesisBox (IR control, IR feedback, and temperature sensor) or a specific IntesisBox (which connects directly to the system’s communication bus). Models can be retrofitted easily, as they are WiFi controlled, and most can be powered directly from the HVAC system or 5vdc. HVAC systems supported include Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Samsung, Sanyo, and Toshiba.

Belkin Wemo: The Belkin Wemo driver for ELAN provides on/off control of the WiFi-controlled power outlet.

Command to Event Driver: The Command to Event driver for ELAN allows dealers to override existing remote-control buttons to launch event maps (multiple events from a single command). For example, installers can now configure a one-way IR Blu-ray driver to the dim lights when played, or assign a hard button to execute a sequence of customized commands.

Chowmain is now offering a free dealer showroom license to all ELAN dealers to streamline the education process, and ultimately assist them in introducing new features to their customers. “We want ELAN dealers to understand our drivers inside and out, with no barrier to entry,” Chow said. “Our dealer showroom licensing is 100-percent free, and it is something that all interested ELAN dealers can begin taking advantage of!”

“The introduction of these eight new drivers is just the beginning of what custom installers can expect from ELAN’s expanded API,” McKeon said. “We are working closely with Chowmain to further enhance our API, and enrich the ELAN experience for dealers and end-users alike. Our goal is to enable our installers to continue building customized automation systems that integrate with the industry’s most innovative devices and applications.”