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ELAN Begins Shipping System12

ELAN Home Systems has started shipping its new System12 multi-room, multi-zone audio/video controller.

ELAN Home Systems has started shipping its new System12 multi-room, multi-zone audio/video controller. Featuring 12 audio source inputs, 16 video source inputs and eight listening and 16 viewing zones, the release of the new System12 is in keeping with ELAN’s mission to develop and bring to market, feature rich yet affordable new whole-house control and distribution products.

System12 (S12) offers more audio and video source inputs and outputs at a better price than any other A/V multi-room controller available in the custom installation market today. This controller has an array of features including plug-and-play video routing and a 16×16 matrix video switch which allows consumers to route up to 16 video feeds to any television, monitor or touch panel in their home. ELAN’s S12 also allows users to distribute up to 12 A/V sources (plus four extra video sources) into eight zones and is fully RS-232 controllable. Designed to be a flexible controller, the S12 can be easily configured to handle medium to large-scale projects. As an added highlight, the D1650 digital power amplifier serves as a companion piece for the S12 and allows for even higher-quality, stereo audio to S12’s eight zones.

System12 also includes a number of “traditional” ELAN-pioneered features such as a paging/door chime interface, fixed and variable line level audio outputs, and rear panel expansion ports that automatically route all the IR and RS-485 data to additional units. Users can add a second S12 to create a 16-zone system, a third to create a 24-zone system and even a fourth S12 for a remarkable total of 32 zones.

The System12 can be configured with ELAN’s Z600 Communications Controller allowing the ELAN patented telecom/paging features to be integrated into any system. This option provides convenient, whole-house paging, phone-to-phone intercom, door station communications, music-on-hold, caller-on-hold, and whole-house door chime functionality from any touch tone phone. Each S12 zone can be placed in a do-not-disturb mode that can temporarily disable pages and door chimes, allowing for true personalization to satisfy each individual homeowner’s needs and tastes.

Another feature unique to S12 is the ability to sense the presence of A/V signals. This feature lets homeowners to know real-time if a source is actually on or off via indications visible on each control pad, and provides home automation and intelligent power management features when used in conjunction with ELAN’s VIA! Touch Panels.

System12 carries an MSRP of $5,600. A rack-mount version is available for $5,650.