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ELAN Partners with Terra-SAN

The digital media management firm will provide off-site media back-up services for the manufacturers VIA!dj digital music servers.

Lexington, KY–ELAN Home Systems has entered into a cooperative marketing partnership with Terra-SAN, a digital media management firm that grooms and imports private CD audio collections onto digital media servers, to provide secure, off-site media back-up services for its entire line of VIA!dj digital music servers. The announcement was made by Bob Farinelli, ELAN’s president and chief technology officer.

According to ELAN, as an important new element in its ongoing efforts to continually enhance and improve upon the capabilities of its VIA!dj line, the new partnership will make the process of digital music back-up as easy and cost-effective as possible for custom dealers and their end clients. Terra-SAN provides an array of crucial services, and is able to read, import, load and back up media from large personally owned collections residing on CDs, MP3s, or any other digital format. Terra-SAN provides unique offerings, including the option to have a Network Attached Storage device (a Terra-NAS) sent directly to the installation site so that the dealer can easily perform quick, hassle-free back-up services on premises–alleviating the need to send the VIA!dj system and CDs to the factory, which saves valuable time and money.

The combination of ELAN and Terra-SAN provides simplified back-up for all models in ELANs VIA!dj Music Server family, from the newest entries in the line to legacy VIA!dj products.

Farinelli stated, We believe it is imperative that content loaded onto any music server system in our industry is backed-up properly after the data has been loaded, and are pleased to be aligned with Terra-SAN to provide the best-of-breed suite of services. Just as consumers perform back-up of their computer files regularly, so should they on any product with a hard-disk drive. Backing-up ensures that media, and the dealers valuable time spent loading it, is never lost.

We have been working closely with some of ELANs dealers for over a year on backing up their VIA!dj systems. Its exciting to formalize the relationship to benefit all ELAN dealers, and let them know they can count on us as a close partner, added Terra-SAN CEO Joel DeGray. The endorsement from such a respected industry leader is invaluable to us, and we look forward to further aiding to the success of ELAN Dealers.

To kick-off the partnership, Terra-SAN has signed on as ELANs tenth TRIO sponsor and will demonstrate its back-up, content loading and data grooming services at the Summit. Dealers will be able to understand all of the options and see the procedures in person, meet Terra-SAN CEO Joel DeGray, and benefit from special joint-promotion pricing for back-up solutions.

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