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ELAN Unveils TRIO Summit Keynote Speakers

Futurist and filmmaker, Joel Barker, and motivational speakers, the Afterburner Fighter Pilots, will address the future of the custom electronics industry.

Lexington, KY–ELAN Home Systems has revealed that futurist and filmmaker, Joel Barker, and motivational speakers, the Afterburner Fighter Pilots, have been selected to address the future of the custom electronics industry and fire up the crowd as keynote speakers at ELANs 2007 TRIO Dealer Summit. The announcement was made by Paul Starkey, ELANs Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

TRIOs opening keynote speaker, Joel Barker, is the highly influential futurist and filmmaker who first introduced the world business community to the concept of paradigm shifting and how it explains revolutionary change in all areas of human endeavor. At TRIO, Barker will share his latest research on innovation verge points, a new territory that is open to those who can look far into the future to see implications and possibilities that others cant see, and will show attendees how to find their own future verge points in order to create new-found innovation and competitive advantage for their custom installation businesses.

Following the keynote presentation, ELAN will deliver breakout sessions with Barker where 36 computers will be provided and all attending dealers will have a chance to participate in exploring the hot topics our market is facing. During this time, Barker will introduce his exciting Implications Wheel, a new and innovative thinking tool he developed for exploring the future and helping people to make better decisions.

Barkers Implications Wheel is based on the findings of ‘The Wisdom of Crowds,’ which suggests that groups of diverse individuals often come up with smarter solutions than a group of experts sitting in a room. In this unique industry-benchmark session, all TRIO attendees will have the opportunity to participate in this half day, interactive activity session, which will pool the combined knowledge of all TRIO dealers and attendees to explore far reaching positive and negative implications surrounding several issues such as IP-based systems becoming more predominant.

Our goal for TRIO is to have our dealers come away from the event impassioned and armed with the mindset and tools that they can apply toward growing their companies, and the enthusiasm and motivation to make it happen, said Paul Starkey, ELANs executive vice president of sales and marketing. With the visionary Joel Barker and the Afterburner Fighter Pilots leading the charge, we are confident this will be the most empowering and rewarding industry event of the year.

On Saturday, using rare cockpit footage and state-of-the art computer simulations, Afterburner Fighter Pilots, whose motto is business is combat, will electrify attendees with their keynote presentation. Afterburner founder and CEO, Jim Murph Murphy himself, will impart invaluable advice that dealers can apply for immediate impact and success throughout their own companies. The Afterburner Fighter Pilots will utilize their acclaimed Flawless Execution Model, to foster teamwork and collaboration among conference attendees. Stressing that any mission is possible, the Afterburner Fighter Pilots will demonstrate the essential steps of planning, briefing, executing, and debriefing to make any goal a complete success for all ELAN dealers.

Murphy has logged more than 2,500 hours as an F-15 instructor pilot during his years in the military. Upon returning to civilian life, he began to apply the Flawless Execution Model to a small paint company where he grew sales from $5 million to $52 million. Through his leadership, Afterburner Seminars has gained worldwide acclaim and been featured in The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Inc Magazine, and many more. For six years, the fighter pilots of Afterburner Seminars have been helping tens of thousands of America’s finest managers take charge and become number one by using the lessons of accomplished military Fighter Pilots to quickly improve corporate execution. BM, Marriott, Salomon Smith Barney, Nortel Networks, General Motors, UPS, and Dell top a long list of satisfied customers.

TRIO will truly fire up our Dealers and provide them with new-found ideas and passion for success, added Cat Fowler, ELANs VP of marketing and customer services. We cannot wait to look at and delve into the future of the custom installation industry with Joel Barker and our dealers. It will certainly be one for the books.

The TRIO 2007 Dealer Summit is an exclusive event that will bring together more than 375 of ELANs top dealers, VIA! Integration Partners, Sales Reps and Members of the Media at the Marriott Griffin Gate Resort in Lexington, Kentucky, May 17-19.

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