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ELANs Ol Breaks Company Records

The home control firm's latest touchpad offering has been declared the companys most successful product launch to date.

Lexington, KY–ELAN Home Systems has announced that the debut of Ol, its new Film Interactive Touchpad, was the most successful product launch in the company’s history with close to 10,000 units sold in less than two weeks. The success of the Ol debut surpassed that of the companys VIA! Touch Panel, which hit the market in 2000. The announcement was made by Paul Starkey, ELAN’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

In the two-week period surrounding CEDIA Expo 2006, held in Denver in September, Ol broke all previous ELAN product launch records with dealers booking orders for more than 9,500 units of the touchpad. The product has been so well received that ELAN has significantly stepped up production to accommodate demand, and has now surpassed the 10,000 mark.

ELAN reports that, likely as a result of Ol, the company has also experienced noticeably stronger overall ELAN system sales.

“Being extremely close with our dealers and in tune with their needs, we felt certain this product would fulfill their desire for a serious upgrade in user interface design at a great price point, said Paul Starkey, ELANs VP of sales and marketing. With Ol’s unique ability to transform itself, literally in seconds, to match any client’s dcor and its universal appeal, this product is a true home run for all of us. We are extremely excited about the fall selling season and the world of opportunities that lies ahead for us, our dealers and their customers.”

Ol began shipping in first-production quantities in mid August 2006 at with a MSRP of $380, and was publicly launched at CEDIA in Denver.

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