Electrocompaniet Names CEO For U.S.

Peter Wellikoff Takes Reins at High-End Audio Company Subsidiary
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Norwegian manufacturer of high-end audio products, Electrocompaniet AS, has named Peter Wellikoff CEO for Electrocompaniet Inc., a U.S. subsidiary. Wellikoff is an industry veteran with more than 45 years of experience including 14 years as COO of the B&W Group, followed by six years as CEO of Meridian/Sooloos. He has numerous industry achievements and awards.

“Peter’s appointment marks an exciting period of growth for Electrocompaniet,” said Mikal Dreggevik, CEO of Electrocompaniet AS. “His experience as a senior CE executive with a proven record of delivering exceptional results will be important for Electrocompaniet as we begin the process of bringing our new product lines into the U.S. His insight will also be key to renew the focus on our more than 40-year history as one of the prominent high-end audio suppliers. Peter has been serving as an advisor to our board since February, and we’ve expanded his role to lead our U.S. expansion.” 

“I’m looking forward to joining Electrocompaniet, an exciting company that modernized its audiophile roots to tap the enormous market potential with wireless speakers and soundbars, the fastest growing product categories in the audio industry,” Wellikoff said. “When I first saw the product, I was immediately wowed and as I learned more about its design and engineering, I was intrigued and interested in being a part of this group. Electrocompaniet delivers a brand promise with no compromises in form and function. 

“The combination of unique software, Wi-Fi, and DSP technologies with elegant industrial designs elevate these products to best-in-class performance and design. Seeing a perfect blend of audiophile performance with a rich feature set that’s easy to use and styling demanded by today's emerging luxury consumers was enough to pull me back in the market. I’m looking forward to exponential growth with this brand.” 

For the past four years, Wellikoff has remained active serving as managing partner for the Silver Fox Consulting Group, providing consultation and mentoring for various industries and senior executives.