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Electrograph Issues New Catalog

The biannual catalog is now in its 20th year in print.

Hauppauge, NY–Electrograph Systems has rolled out its newest catalog for resellers of consumer, professional, and IT display and peripheral products. The biannual Electrograph catalog is now in its 20th year in print.

Our resellers tell us that the Electrograph catalog is one of their most important sales and reference tools, said Melody Craigmyle, vice president of marketing for Electrograph Systems, Inc. Since we make frequent additions to our product offerings and are always providing new services, its important that we update the catalog twice a year, unlike most distributors that only publish on an annual basis.

The new catalog features more than 150 pages of fresh content, including a letter from Electrograph president Sam Taylor updating partners on some of the companys most recent changes and how those changes will benefit resellers. The catalog also contains useful specification charts to compare product models, and a reseller application for those interested in becoming an Electrograph partner. An eBook version with a searchable index for easy online reference is also available on the Electrograph website. Resellers can request to have a hard copy of the catalog mailed directly by completing a short form on the site.

Additionally, the catalog includes a Whats New section so partners are able to get a quick glance at Electrographs newest product additions and locate the specific catalog page for more information. New product lines featured in the catalog include AKG microphones, Atlantic Technology audio speakers, the EK3 Digipost digital signage product, Electrograph universal mounts, HAI home control solutions, Minicom digital signage distribution systems, the Panasonic 11 Series professional plasma displays and the new Samsung UXn series of LCD displays.