Episode Signature Releases 1700T Series Speakers

Designed to Deliver Master‐Class Performances for the Discerning Audiophile or Movie Buff
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Episode Signature, part of SnapAV, has released its Signature 1700 line of loudspeakers, engineered to deliver high performance for the discerning audiophile or movie buff. 

“We created the Signature brand as a response to what our dealers wanted: a superior thin-bezel speaker line,” said Alex Zaliauskas, category manager at Episode Speakers. “Our goal was ambitious. We decided to make an architectural speaker that sounded as good as any high-end cabinet, floor-standing, and bookshelf model.” 

Using materials such as an adjustable titanium tweeter, a honeycomb fiberglass Nomex cone woofer, and switches that allow for customized fine-tuning, Episode Signature’s 1700 series offers architectural in-ceiling, in-wall, surround, and soon-to-be-released LCR speakers, so each individual customer can build the ultimate movie or music experience. 

“This is everything you’ve ever wanted in an audiophile-grade speaker,” said Zaliauskas. “You get incredibly accurate audio reproduction, dynamic transient response, and excellent low frequency extension. I can honestly say that this is the first architectural speaker that disappears into the room.”