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Epson Home Cinema Projectors Bring Full HD 1080p Performance to Living Rooms

Epson’s latest Home Cinema solutions bring full HD, 1080p big-screen experience to today’s living rooms.

Epson’s new Home Cinema 1040 and Home Cinema 1440 bring up to 4,400 lumens of color brightness and 4,400 lumens of white brightness to its Home Cinema projector lineup. 

These versatile projectors feature advanced image quality technology, built-in sound and convenient setup tools for flexile placement, as well as two HDMI ports and MHL-support for connecting a Blu-ray player, gaming console, Chromecast, Roku Stick 3, Apple TV and more—transforming the projectors into a home entertainment hub.

“The new projectors offer today’s households a convenient, affordable, and powerful big-screen experience,” said Jason Palmer, marketing manager at Epson America. “Beyond the flexibility, the Home Cinema 1440 is also one of the brightest home projectors available on the market—this is a flat panel killer.”

The Home Cinema 1040 and 1440 utilize three-LCD, three-chip technology for brilliant images with vivid color, and feature built-in color modes for the quality and color for users to enjoy their favorite TV show, movie, or video game from virtually anywhere, indoors or out.

Epson projects that the Home Cinema 1040 ($799) and Home Cinema 1440 ($1,699) will be available in September 2015 through select e-tailers and retailers nationwide.