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ESPA Offers Help Finding Technicians

Last year was a successful growth period for the ESPA program with more qualified entry-level ESTs entering the workforce in 2017.

Last year was a successful growth period for the ESPA program with more qualified entry-level electronic systems technicians (ESTs) entering the workforce in 2017, as a result of technical education initiatives. 

According to ESPA executive director Jeff Gardner, Lincoln Tech is now offering six EST programs across the country, utilizing the comprehensive NCCER curriculum, so students can receive a strong introduction to not only systems basics but deeper knowledge of most subsystems as well. Their programs on the East Coast administered 60 ESPA exams in January, meaning that those students are nearing the end of their 11-month course and will be entering the workforce soon. Gardner encourages home tech pros looking to hire entry-level technicians to contact their career services offices in Union, NJ; Mahwah, NJ; and Columbia, MD for more information.

Several of ESPA’s newer programs will be graduating ESPA-certified students soon, so home tech pros looking for new talent should reach out to the following schools soon: Maverick Tech, Nashua, NH; Los Angeles Trade Technical College, Los Angeles, CA; Kern High School, Bakersfield, CA; and Central Nine Career Center/Adult Ed, Greenwood, IN.

In most cases, ESPA sends email blasts to companies that are members of NSCA, CEDIA, CTA TechHome, ESA, and CABA when a school has graduates about to become available for hire, but to know for sure Gardner encourages hiring home tech pros contact to email [email protected]

“Remember, the best new programs come to fruition because real employers engage the schools and help them understand the demand for qualified people and the skillset they need,” Gardner said. “If you know of a school in your area, let us know at [email protected]. We can provide all the guidance and resources they need to do a program of any length. The sooner the programs start, the sooner you will have the technicians you need! We have had many schools express interest who have not yet officially come on board as Training Partners, and your communication can make a difference!”