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Exact Power Introduces Residential Power Integrity System

Fairfield, NJ — Exact Power is introducing the Residential Power Integrity System, an end-to-end solution engineered to provide the best environment for residential electronic systems. This integrated solution is designed to ensure clean, protected high-quality power throughout the home, addressing typical problems that interfere with residential AV systems such as hums, buzzes, pops/clicks, video roll bars, and system lockups.

Unlike power products that are designed to serve a specific part of the home, the Residential Power Integrity System represents a “whole-house” approach that starts right at the main service entry and proceeds all the way to the AV components via the electrical system.

Products designed for this whole-house system include StrikeShield, a sophisticated surge protection device situated at the service entry that provides all-mode system protection, as well as long-life protection over repeated transient events.

PowerCore, a multi-featured isolation transformer, provides a new, dedicated AV reference ground and delivers conditioned and protected “same phase” power for optimal performance of a residential home theater, AV system, or other sensitive equipment such as security and telephone systems.

A series of power conditioners, available both as rackmount and stand alone, are designed for noise-free filtered AC power distribution to all of the equipment in the AV rack. The system also includes surge-protected vertical power strips in the rack to provide additional powering for equipment.

For technical specifications and in-depth information about Exact Power, click to or call 800.266.7225.