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EZ Bracket Version 2

Designed by a group of custom installers with more than 60 years combined experience, EZBracket Version 2 is the industry’s first fully universal in-ceiling and in-wall new-construction speaker bracket kit. The brackets in the kit are designed for the installation of both round and rectangular in-wall and in-ceiling architectural speakers.

“Two EZBracket models replace virtually every speaker bracket model on the market,” said Jim Murray, COO of EZBracket. “This product simplifies speaker installation and ensures foolproof alignment with the center of all installed can lights every time.”

Each of the two EZBracket models consists of a rectangle of sturdy corrugated cardboard. The EZ-C (for in-ceiling speakers) measures 13 x 26 inches while the EZ-W (for in-wall applications) is 22 x 26 inches. A series of lettered perforations guide the insertion of the tabs on a half-inch wide steel trim ring. Once inserted into the proper perforations for the speaker size, listed on the bracket itself, the tabs are bent down on the back of the cardboard, insuring an indestructible cutting guide for sheetrock installers.

Correct installation measurement and centering with can lights is further simplified by ruler markings around all four sides of the cardboard. Additionally, the ruler markings enhance the installer’s safety by eliminating the need for any tool other than a staple gun. With EZBracket Version 2, one hand holds the bracket and the other hand staples it in place. For the installer, EZBracket Version 2 does away with dangerous and frustrating installation scenarios. Installation is quick, easy, safe, and foolproof and requires only a staple gun. Directions are printed on the placeholder in English, French, Spanish, and Polish, and include an easy alphabetized index for various speaker sizes.

Available now, EZBrackets are available through PSB Speakers, Lenbrook America, Lenbrook Canada, Pioneer Music Inc., Custom Essentials LLC, Online Audio, Bright Star Distributing, PGW Distribution, Eagle Distributors LLC, Electronic Custom Distributors, B & R Distribution, The Best Reps, Western Distributing, David R. Rybski & Associates, Hobbs Distributing, In Tandem Canada Inc.

Suggested cost is $13.00 for model EZ-C and $14.50 for EZ-W.