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Furman Selected as Vendor Partner by HiFi House

Petaluma, CA — Furman’s power management products are now being offered by HiFi House, one of the top residential and custom home theater and AV installers in the United States.

With offices in Pennsylvania and Delaware and in business since 1955, HiFi House designs and installs high-end, exclusive home theater, media rooms, custom whole-house audio-video systems, smart home automation and control systems, and telecommunications systems for homes and businesses.

“Power management is a primary component of the systems we design and is always included in every project,” said Jon Robbins, chief operating officer at HiFi House. “In choosing to maintain an inventory of Furman products, we were impressed with their scope of experience and expertise with regard to power management, and with their range and quality of products. We also asked our own engineers and executive staff to test the products in their own home theaters, with excellent results.”

Furman’s power management products give home theater systems the pure, noise-free power they need for superlative performance while protecting them from damage caused by power surges and lightning. Beyond home theater, Furman’s product applications include professional audio and music, broadcasting, audio-video recording, and office equipment.

“HiFi House is among the most respected and preeminent businesses in the entire home theater industry and has built a reputation over more than fifty years for offering only the best gear on the market,” said Dave Keller, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Furman and Panamax. “We’re thrilled that they have added Furman to their exclusive list of vendor partners.”