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Fusion Offers Media Loading Service

Danville, CA — Fusion Research has officially launched its CD and DVD loading service exclusively for Fusion direct dealers for any Fusion product.

Mike Kolb, Fusion’s Database Manager explained, “…we have offered this service to some of our larger dealers on their big jobs for the past year or so, and it has worked out so well that we have decided to open this up to our entire dealer base.”

Fusion also continues to offer its dealers its 8-Drive Hi-Speed Multi-Drive Loader so they can offer their clients this service themselves. According to Mike Kolb, “…we actually use the same multi-drive loaders here that we offer our dealers to load discs for the service. The loaders are very reliable and extremely fast as compared to hand loading discs one at time.”

The new service is partly possible due to the company moving into its new facility, which allows for more space to handle the new service. The service also insures that all movies are loaded and cataloged correctly and gives the company the ability to identify even the most obscure titles to grow it large movie database.

Please contact your local representative for pricing details, Fusion only offers this service to its professional direct dealers and is intended specifically for Fusion products.