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Gefen’s Extender Transmits HD Over Cat 5

Gefen's new product extends high-definition video up to 150-feet over Cat 5 cable.

Woodland Hills, CA–Gefen’s new HDTV Extender offers high-definition video extension up to 150-feet over Cat 5 cable. The company’s new chip technologies allow packaging data that can be transmitted using industry-standard Cat 5E cables.

Multiple resolutions up to 1080i and multichannel digital audio are effective at distances up to 150-feet, making the HDTV Extender over Cat 5 cable an economical alternative to fiber optics or copper cables for medium length installations. According to Gefen, it is highly advantageous when upgrading audio/video systems from analog to digital because cabling does not have to be replaced.

The HDTV Extender is available in two models: DVI (digital visual interface) and HDMI (high definition multimedia interface). DVI transmits high resolution, uncompressed digital video data from source to display. HDMI, geared towards the consumer market, transmits high resolution, uncompressed digital video and multichannel digital audio from source to display. When used with computer-based systems, DDC control signals are sent in addition to HDTV video on their own dedicated Cat 5 cable.

The HDTV Extender is HDCP-compliant, retails for $499 and is available to order at

Shipping is expected to commence within six to eight weeks. The HDTV Extender comes with its own sender and receiver units, both powered by a single 5-volt external supply, and connection cables.