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Genelec Expands Active Subwoofer Line

Genelec has added two new active subs to its home theater line.

Natick, MA–Genelec U.S., distributor of Genelec Active Home Theater Systems, has expanded its line of home theater products with the addition of the new HTS3B and HTS4B Active Home Theater Subwoofers.

The HTS3B is suitable for use with Genelecs HT205 or HT206 two-way bi-amplified active loudspeakers, while the HTS4B is designed for use with the HT208 or HT210 two-way bi-amplified active loudspeakers.

The Genelec HTS3B and HTS4B are powerful low-frequency subwoofers created specifically for digital multichannel home theater systems. The HTS3B is equipped with one active magnetically shielded 10-inch driver, mounted on the front side of a compact cabinet, and two 10-inch passive radiators, one on each side of the cabinet. The HTS3B features a frequency response of 18 Hz to 120 Hz, and has a maximum SPL of 114 dB. The 200W amplifier unit is integrated into the HTS3B subwoofer cabinet, which measures 17- x 14.5- x 15.75-inches.

The HTS4B shares the same design principles as the HTS3B but is equipped with a 12-inch driver and radiators, along with a 400W amplifier unit integrated into the subwoofer. Additionally, the HTS4B has a frequency response of 18 Hz to 120 Hz, a maximum SPL of 118 dB, and measures a compact 20.25- x 18.25- x 18.25-inches.

Both the HTS3B and HTS4B have XLR and RCA line level input connectors (with input sensitivity) providing easy connection to all types of decoders, as well as a Link Out connector, which allows coupling two or more subwoofers together when higher sound pressure levels are required. Bass roll-off rate and crossover phase can be adjusted to suit different acoustic environments and subwoofer positioning.

The amplifier is also equipped with an Autostart function for automatic switching between Standby and On modes. Connectors for remote power On/Standby switches are also provided.

Commenting on the new subwoofers, Karen Richardson, national sales manager home theater products, remarked, “With the launch of our HTS3B and HTS4B models, Genelec once again raises the performance bar for all subwoofers. The new compact cubes have powerful bass down to 18 Hz and provide true cinema excitement in the home theater environment. We invite consumers to share in the benefits of our uncompromising audio standards, and we’re confident our audience will clearly hear the difference in Genelec Active Monitoring.”

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