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Global Hotels Love B&W’s Zepplin

The compact one-piece iPod speaker system has seen installation in some famous boutique hotels.

N. Reading, MA–Bowers & Wilkins’ Zeppelin, a compact one-piece iPod speaker system, has had a series of dbut installations in boutique hotels, including Hong Kong’s Mandarin Oriental Landmark and the chic new dana Hotel & Spa in Chicago.

Bowers & Wilkins says it explicitly created Zeppelin to bring full audiophile-quality sound to design-sensitive environments. The one-piece amplified speaker system/iPod docking station unites the best high fidelity playback with a smoothly sculptural form; created by international award-winning Native Design Ltd. of London. Zeppelin’s highly polished stainless steel rear casing and contrasting, soft fabric shell yield a subtly beautiful whole that integrates harmoniously into any living space and pleases a wide variety of tastes, while only quietly suggesting the power and high technology concealed within.

Zeppelin encompasses advanced digital signal processing, three-channel amplification totaling 100 watts, and integrated speakers-subwoofer utilizing Bowers & Wilkins’ famed Nautilus reference-grade technologies. A “floating,” polished stainless steel arm holds the iPod in an ergonomic, easy-operating position, while highlighting its own design and preserving familiar access for a fully intuitive user experience.

A smart 30-pin docking port accepts (and charges) all current and recent iPods and iPhones without adapters or interchangeable bases, thanks to unique, spring-loaded design. A full range of connections including USB, aux-audio, and video outputs extends Zeppelin’s value to a host of potential uses. Zeppelin is also world-ready, as the power supply works on voltages virtually anywhere-and the speaker system automatically enters power-saving “sleep” when the iPod is removed.