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GOERTZ Wire Relocates to New Plant

Manufacturers of the flat audio cable brand relocates to Shelton, Connecticut.

Shelton, CT — GOERTZ by Alpha-Core, manufacturers of the low impedance flat audio cable brand, has relocated its companys facilities to 6 Waterview Drive, Shelton, Connecticut.

Alpha-Core Inc. was founded by Ulrik Poulsen in 1982, manufacturing magnetic cores in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 1986, operations were expanded to include complete transformer design and manufacturing under the brand name Tortran. The Goertz audio wire brand has operated as a division of Alpha-Core, and now all of Poulsens ventures are comfortably housed in a 45,000-square-foot facility employing a full time staff of 30 and growing.

All manufacturing, warehousing, quality control, customer service, accounting, and sales are now centrally located in the Shelton plant all under the name Bridgeport Magnetics Group.

We purchased this building, which is only twelve miles from our original plant in Bridgeportthe entire staff has remained through the relocation, Poulsen said. Another attractive asset is that there is room for substantial expansion. The local zoning allows a 50 percent increase in size should we choose to go that route.”

The Bridgeport Magnetics facility is also home to companys latest venture, Poulsen Hybrid, offering retrofit solutions designed to convert conventional automobiles into Hybrids ( Bridgeport Magnetics can be reached at 203.954.0050.