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Gracenote Unveils DVD Recognition System

The company has formed a partnership with Denon and Morantz Holdings.

Denver, CO–Gracenote has unveiled an advanced DVD recognition system for audio/video devices with Gracenote VideoID-DVD. The new system will combine the broadest catalog of motion picture information with the most accurate technology for identifying DVD discs. The VideoID platform is endorsed by D&M Holdings, which has signed a multi-year agreement standardizing on the Gracenote video and music platform across its brands. D&M Holdings brand companies include: Denon, Marantz, McIntosh Laboratory, Boston Acoustics, Snell Acoustics, Denon DJ, Escient, ReplayTV, Calrec Audio, D&M Professional, and D&M Premium Sound Solutions.

Available in mid-2008, the VideoID-DVD solution will leverage Gracenotes Global Media Database with in-depth information on more than 195,000 movie titles. This comprehensive catalog will contain more than 50 individual data attributes behind each title, including director, cast members, production crew, studio, genre, keywords, release year, language, awards, and more. In addition to the extensive database, VideoID-DVD will feature Gracenotes patented media recognition software for accurately identifying individual DVDs and relating them to the Gracenote database.

VideoID-DVD will work together with Gracenotes MusicID platform, creating combined music and video recognition system for the home entertainment market.

Were excited to add VideoID-DVD to our industry-leading media recognition system and make it available to the CEDIA market, giving device manufacturers an exceptional database of rich content and the technology expertise to identify nearly every major motion picture DVD, said Jim Hollingsworth, Gracenote senior vice president of sales and marketing. The combined MusicID and VideoID-DVD product completes the most effective media identification suite the industry has ever seen. Were thrilled to have D&M Holdings embrace our solution and look forward to a long partnership with both music and movie recognition an integral part of their product line.

D&M Holdings is known for technology expertise and the highest quality home entertainment systems, and VideoID-DVD is perfectly in line with our product strategy, said Bernie Sepaniak, CTO of D&M Holdings Inc. Managing media collections at home is one of the core challenges for customers, and the Gracenote media recognition platform not only simplifies the process, but gives them the most accurate and comprehensive system for CD and DVD recognition right inside their devices.