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GuiFX Makes Graphic Sets Openly Available

The sets, designed for Crestron and AMX, include a complete cache of graphical user interface elements as well as original Photoshop source files.

West Palm Beach, FL–GuiFX has released versions of its graphical user interface designs for Crestron and AMX as Graphic Sets which speed up the process of creating interfaces for any touch panel controller, kiosk, computer application, mobile device, or website. GuiFX has also released an Audio Library for adding audible feedback to any user interface design. The Graphic Sets and Audio Library are priced as low as $100 and can be downloaded from

Graphic Sets include a complete set of graphical user interface elements in various image formats making them compatible with any device. The original Photoshop source files are also included to provide added flexibility.

The Audio Library includes professionally recorded male and female voiceovers as well as a wide variety of sound effects designed to add audio feedback to user interfaces. Audio feedback enhances and improves the end-user experience, especially in accessibility cases where the end-user is hard of hearing.