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HAI Introduces Italian-Language Product Suite

New Orleans, LA — Home Automation, Inc. (HAI) has added an Italian Language product suite to a product line that had been only available in English and Spanish.

The suite includes the Italian OmniPro II Board Only (HAI part number 20A00-38), Italian Omni IIe Board Only (HAI part number 20A00-39), Italian Omni LT Board Only (HAI part number 21A00-28), Italian PC Access (HAI part number 1105WIT), and OmniTouch Italian 5.7 Touchscreen (HAI part number 53A00-10). The Italian OmniPro II retains the functionality of its English counterpart, which includes monitoring and control of security, temperature, lighting, and entertainment.

The OmniTouch 10p Portable Touchscreen (HAI part number 67A00-1) can be customized to display numerous foreign languages, including Italian.

“Additional marketing materials, including an international website and several downloadable documents, are being produced to help promote HAI’s expanding product lines to the rest of the world,” said Allison Read, director of international sales.