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Halcro Logic Creates Ethernet Alert System

Halcro has introduced its new Logic Series of home theater amplifiers with an automated alert system.

Las Vegas, NV–Halcro has introduced its new Logic Series of home theater amplifiers with a fully automated alert system (HRAS) that notifies the dealer in the event of a failure message from a LYRUS amplifier module or power supply.

In the unlikely event one or more channels in a multi-channel amplifier becomes faulty, the amplifier-via an Ethernet connection to the homeowner’s computer, will instantly send an email to Halcro or a local dealer with a fault notification. The dealer will be requested to contact the customer to arrange for the immediate replacement of the faulty channel with a new LYRUS module, which can be swapped in less than a minute.

“Halcro Logic amplifiers feature a very complex built-in communications card,” says David Pope, vice-president of product development and marketing worldwide. “It can instantly detect an amplifier fault and take immediate action to rectify the problem. This will speed up any warranty situations, as we will know immediately and our service staff can take the appropriate action–straight away. Also in some cases, it may be a rear channel that is down, and the customer may not realize this, as the rears are subtler than the front and center channels. In this instance the dealer / installer can contact the consumer before they even realize there is a problem.”

In other company news, Ed Brown was recently appointed to the position of director of sales, Eastern United States. Based in Orlando, Florida, Brown will direct the sales and distribution efforts for Halcro Logic home theater products.

Over his career, Brown has held senior sales and marketing management positions with several notable manufacturers including McIntosh, Sonance and Harman International.