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Home Director to Acquire Destiny Networks

With the acquisition, the structured wiring firm hopes to create larger profit margins for installers and eliminate complicated programming issues integrators often face.

Campbell, CA–Structured wiring firm Home Director Inc., has reached an agreement in principle to acquire Destiny Networks Inc., manufacturer of configurable home and theater controllers.

“For more than ten years, Home Director has delivered reliable structured wiring products used in the construction of new connected homes in the United States and Canada,” said Michael Liddle, CEO of Home Director. “The company’s products transformed the distribution of data, voice, and video. But now, homebuyers want more. They want easier control of their home entertainment centers and whole house music systems. They want the ability to monitor and control the environment of their homes. They want solutions that integrate seamlessly with the convergence of data, voice, and video. And they want to do all this with a platform that is 100-percent reliable and can scale to meet their future needs. We believe that the combination of Home Director and Destiny Networks will enable the roll-out of products that meet these needs.”

“The platform that Destiny Networks developed is the only one we’ve seen that can be widely deployed to the average homebuyer,” continued Mr. Liddle. “It’s based on a low-cost Linux-based platform and does not require knowledge of any programming language. The other control systems we looked at either ran on top of Microsoft Windows or required our customers to learn a programming language. Neither will work for our market.”

“Upon completion of the acquisition, we believe Home Director’s focus on providing quality products to the mass market through partnerships with builders and integrators will open up a large new opportunity for our control technology,” said Mark Stiving, president and CEO of Destiny Networks. “As part of Home Director, we will continue working with the other product vendors in the CEDIA market to deliver a total solution to new homebuyers.”

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